When To Get A Professional Home Inspection

Home inspections in northern utah- home inspections for your dream home

The frequency of your home inspections will depend on the type you need. For example, if it’s an inspection to make sure that there are no major issues with electrical circuits then every three years might be sufficient but for other types (such as plumbing) this could mean getting them done much more frequently. Homeowners should anticipate having a home inspection every three to five years in order to detect potential issues early on, before they become real headaches. A home inspection can also help you rest easy, knowing there aren’t any big surprises coming up.

Home Listing

Almost always, a home inspection will be ordered by the purchasers of a property. So why would the seller need a home inspection? Ordering a home inspection before listing the home will help the seller identify any potential problems, and address issues of concern before listing. It also eliminates surprises from a buyer’s inspection, as any areas needing repair or replacement will have already been identified. This helps the seller to maintain high negotiating power throughout the transaction.

Buying a Home

When you purchase a home, new or pre-owned, you will need a property inspection. You are considering a very large investment, and need to know exactly what you are purchasing before you commit to the sale. With a home inspection, you will be informed of any areas of concern; prior damage, shoddy workmanship, inadequate construction materials, faulty wiring, and more. The inspection will also determine the safety level of the property. As the buyer, you can decide if you want to request repairs from the seller, negotiate a lower price, or walk away from the purchase altogether. 

Rental Properties

If you are a landlord, you should hire a property inspector every time you have a tenant move out, prior to relisting and bringing in a new tenant. The home inspection will provide an unbiased report about the condition of the home after a tenant moves out. The report will identify any issues that need to be corrected or repairs that need to be made. Having this document can support your need to retain a security deposit, and prove to the next tenant that repairs have been completed and the property is in good condition. Identifying and improving your property will also serve to ensure your future tenants are happy and enjoy their rental experience. 

Regular Checkup

Home inspections in northern utah- home inspections for your dream home

You’ve been living in your home for years, and perhaps it’s never occurred to you to have a home inspection. Rather than waiting for a major incident, or just closing your eyes and hoping that nothing is going wrong under the floors or between the walls of your home, you can get a home inspection and identify potential issues early on, taking care of them long before they become a major repair bill.

Right Before Your Home Warranty Expires

Once you’ve unpacked the last box, painted the last wall, and change the last light fixture, you’ve settled into your home and gotten into a routine. It probably hasn’t occurred to you that the home warranty that came with the purchase of your home is set to expire. Ordering a home inspection 11 months after you purchase your home can identify any potential problems while your property is still covered by the warranty. You can file your repair claims while still in the coverage period with minimal expense or inconvenience to yourself.

The Older the Home, the More Often Is Should Be Inspected

Home inspections for our homes are a lot like medical checkups for the health of our bodies. The older our homes get, the more often they need to be inspected. Older homes become more susceptible to damage as they age. A yearly inspection can catch issues before they become catastrophic issues. 

Home inspections should be a regular part of your property care and maintenance routine. By having regular inspections you are protecting your investment and ensuring that it is safe and solid for years to come. If it’s been more than a couple years since your last home inspection, contact Bear River Home Inspections today.

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