Pre-Listing Inspections: Getting More Out of Your Listing

Selling a home is a busy and stressful time for any homeowner. Ordering a pre-listing inspection in Ogden and Northern Utah will ease the selling worries and give you an edge in the housing market. 

What is a Pre-Listing Inspection? 

A pre-listing, or pre-sale, inspection is when the current homeowner has their house inspected before ever putting it on the market. It is typically believed that buyers are the only ones to order inspections, but the inspector will take the same steps before the sale as they would after. They will check any safety concerns, roof, foundation, walls, ceilings, attics, and ventilation, to name a few. Requesting a pre-sale inspection as the seller takes away stress and gives you many advantages while selling your house. 

More Accurate Pricing 

Deciding at which price to list your property can be difficult, especially with the many ups and downs of the housing market. A pre-sale inspection gives you and the realtor an accurate image of the state of the home, allowing for a correct listing price. It can help you list all the features and benefits of your home, all the up-to-date safety measures, and the general condition of the house. 

Allows for Better Marketing 

While the inspection can uncover potential headaches, it can also show you great selling points. Knowing that your water heater still has years on its life allows you as the seller to promote that aspect when marketing the property. As with the more accurate pricing, receiving a list from your 

home inspector of everything your house has to offer lets you push and sell those specific points while promoting your home. 

Sell Property Faster 

Selling your home is often a lengthy process, even after a purchase agreement has been reached. A pre-listing inspection can uncover any issues in the house that could later stall the closing. But when you, as a homeowner, can preemptively resolve those concrete issues, you create a smooth path to settlement. An inspection pre-sale puts money in your pocket sooner rather than later. 

Sells at Higher Rates 

Suppose a buyer orders an inspection and finds an issue with the furnace. The buyer would most likely ask for a lower selling price as they now need to repair the said problem. If the

current owner completes a pre-listing inspection, they can resolve these issues and get the most out of their listing price. 

Negotiating Power 

Keeping with the same example as above, if a buyer finds out that the furnace is having problems, they would negotiate for a lower price. But the seller takes the upper hand in negotiating when they order a pre-sale inspection because they know the exact state of their home. In fact, with your assessment in hand, you will be able to eliminate a lot of negotiating because you know everything and have included it in the marketing. 

Gives the Seller Peace of Mind 

With all of this to consider, a pre-listing inspection will just give the seller more peace of mind and confidence in their property. You are aware of all the positives and negatives of your home and have the power to improve your listing. 

Now that you know the benefits of a pre-listing inspection, consider these last suggestions: 

Have Your Real Estate Agent There 

Your real estate agent should be your champion throughout the sale of your home, so include them from the beginning. Have them attend the inspection, or make sure they are entirely up to date with what the inspector may say. Again that allows the real estate agent to help you market, accurately list, and negotiate. 

Different Inspectors Uncover Different Things 

Different companies and inspectors may specifically look for different things in their inspections. The buyer’s inspector may uncover other issues than yours did. That is why you should hire a well-reviewed inspector that is thorough. 

Contact Bear River Home Inspections for a quote today for your thorough, pre-listing inspection.

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